About Paper Moxie

My name is Sheryl Bracken, and Paper Moxie is my Third Child.  I started the studio at the arrival of my second, as a way to cut ties with the demands of a corporate schedule, and work closer to home doing something I love.  As my family has grown, so has my company, and I am proud to see how the scope of design has expanded over the years, and enjoy the connections with clients who are now considered family themselves.

The path I took has been steeped in the arts.  A Washington native, I graduated from Whitman College with a degree in Art and Art History with an emphasis in printmaking.  After several art careers on the East and West coast, I ended up in the fashion industry at Nordstrom, where I worked for over a decade developing prints and pattern for fabric, managing color palettes and fashion forecasting.  It naturally turned into a love for textures, color balance and creation.

My design studio, specializing in unique, handmade invitations and paper goods, is located near Seattle yet serves a national clientele. I believe style should always be exceptional; our designs delight with custom graphics, unusual materials, exquisite embellishments and thoughtful details that result in extraordinary designs for wedding, child, corporate, special occasion and holiday events.  My mantra is “Life is Art”, so I strive to make each creation a distinctly individual and memorable experience inspired by my surroundings, experiences, and those I meet. 

I look forward to meeting you!