Forget all the fake metallic effects in paints and papers.  Gilding with metal leaf is the REAL DEAL that makes everything decadent.   In my studio art years, I used to muse over the impossibly thin, delicate sheets of gold that gave you the Midas Touch.  On surfaces, metal leaf is perfectly imperfect.  It finds interest and richness in being half-on-half-off, rubbed and worn, it’s uneven quality creating a warm, hand-applied appreciation, never garish. The effect is at once old world and impossibly modern, adding a distinct luxury to even the most common objects ~ make gorgeous golden wands from plain sticks,  tiny molten sculptures out of pinecones, recharge an old chair or make the most of a simple canvas.  The best part you don’t have to choose sides with your passion….it comes in a variety of golds and silvers, from bright to muted,  dusty platinum to rosey copper.  I’m smitten.

IMG_0236 large-wood-and-copper-leaf-wall-hanging_2Gild-Chair-2-350x250Mammamia-Chair-Copper-Leaf-350x350iimawashiD9GOLD-LEAF-CRAFT regency-7 gold leaf art ideas 1jpg hg144038 CI-Shannon-Kaye_Painted-rug-touch-up11.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.853

Friends of Trends, make way! Those spinners of color premonition at Pantone have spoken and declared both ROSE QUARTZ + SERENITY BLUE as the new “It” shades of 2016!

Sweetly seductive and cooly sublime, the hues work well together, or individually, to redefine freshness on all fronts and applications. The quiet mid-tones happily blend, blurring together towards center to create an infinite selection of lavender and rosey options. Inspired by the gentle softness of a truly classic pastel palette, they ooze with the nostalgic charm of the 80’s, while at the same time satisfy the desire for tranquility and peace that we crave in our current times.

But don’t mistake their pale persona for fragile frivolity! This subtly dynamic duo packs a punch. If color can be laden with politics, no doubt the traditional baby blue and pink were an intentional selection in support of the recent movement toward gender-bias breakdown. The motivation has merit, but lends the question posed by critics: does their message promote neutrality or simply reinforce the exact stereotypes they are trying to dissolve?

Om or EW.  “Miami Nice” or Not?  It leaves it to the consumer to decide.  Whatever your incentive, the reasons to ponder this pretty palette are endless, proving to trend followers that yes indeed, two are better than one!

Miami Nice

The peacock’s plume made it’s debut a few years ago, flaunting an extravagant shape and a popular rich teal and copper palette. But the more familiar, everyday quill might be it’s modern, contemporary update. Both structured and soft, it can be grouped and overlapped for an abstract massing, or used as a singular form, stark and strong and highly graphic.

Outside of printed pattern, adorned feathers make wonderful stationery motifs, breathtaking event decor details, and personal style statements. They suit both a romantic, ethereal softness or an organic, earthy edge.

While the bird motif may have come and gone, the feather itself may now take flight.VS fashion
feather invite2
lace feather

gold dipped feather

gold dipped decor
feather handbag, fendi
feather streamer

feather motif3
feather brooch
feather invite
coral brooch
feather lamp
feather motif

Seems you can’t go wrong with kraft. Several events this season made great use of the paper most widely used by brown-baggers in school cafeterias or on a UPS truck. But don’t let that drab exterior fool you! This fibrous staple offers a virtual cornucopia of styling options: Organic Elegance, Industrial Chic, Eco-Centric, Primitive Folk, Urban Quirk, Vintage Funk….it adds texture and personality to any design. Dress it up with a border of metallic, or keep it real with it’s appeal to nature, it’s oh-so perfect neutrality will happily pair up with any palette. It comes in several weights, thick to thin. I love using the heavy, 1/8″ thick board to create a substantial base.P1130608