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AWESOME SURPRISE this morning!  Paper Moxie made  Borrowed & Blue‘s “Best of B&B 2016 Seattle” list!  Get out!  So great.  Thanks, Seattle!

(Ok, so truly…. I had no idea we were even nominated which makes it TRIPLE fun and FAR more meaningful when you don’t have to solicit anything and up you come for a nice award).  Now I just need them to update that insanely old invitation they have on file for me! :)

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Forget all the fake metallic effects in paints and papers.  Gilding with metal leaf is the REAL DEAL that makes everything decadent.   In my studio art years, I used to muse over the impossibly thin, delicate sheets of gold that gave you the Midas Touch.  On surfaces, metal leaf is perfectly imperfect.  It finds interest and richness in being half-on-half-off, rubbed and worn, it’s uneven quality creating a warm, hand-applied appreciation, never garish. The effect is at once old world and impossibly modern, adding a distinct luxury to even the most common objects ~ make gorgeous golden wands from plain sticks,  tiny molten sculptures out of pinecones, recharge an old chair or make the most of a simple canvas.  The best part you don’t have to choose sides with your passion….it comes in a variety of golds and silvers, from bright to muted,  dusty platinum to rosey copper.  I’m smitten.

IMG_0236 large-wood-and-copper-leaf-wall-hanging_2Gild-Chair-2-350x250Mammamia-Chair-Copper-Leaf-350x350iimawashiD9GOLD-LEAF-CRAFT regency-7 gold leaf art ideas 1jpg hg144038 CI-Shannon-Kaye_Painted-rug-touch-up11.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.853

Chrissy Wai-Ching of Seattle is a true inspiration.  I am so taken with her work I can barely stop feeding myself through the web images.  Her style embodies elegant, yet inspired, couture design.  While this may seem far from paper or invitations, what I admire is her approach and the freedom she takes with her medium, molding and pushing it to a new boundary. Wai-Ching goes beyond the usual to form fabric into art for the wearer, like paint and canvas to a painter.   Ecclectic, off beat, with a flair for rich textures, her meandering stitches, layers, and torn edges create a spectacular surface.  Her designs can be full with colorful shape and volume or ethereal and light with subtle dip-dyed color and draping silk.  If I could choose to find my own wedding dress again, this would be it.   


wearable-art-wedding-dresses-from-wai-ching-made-in-seattle-for-offbeat-brides-worldwide-82-int dresses dde7e5b999a35736e0e2b50895167b94 6b46628339305afdb54462bd8be12b83waichingdress