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Who is Paper Moxie?

Paper Moxie is the creation of Sheryl Anne Bracken. Sheryl holds a combined double-degree in Fine Art and Art History from Whitman College and has held several positions with galleries and fine art institutions in Seattle, Sun Valley and Washington DC. She is an avid artist, lover of poetry, books and writing and has been creating designs on paper for over a decade. Additionally, over the past 12 years, she managed Color and Design Services for Nordstrom including forecasting color trends, coordinating fabrications, designing textile prints and overseeing associated design support areas.

Sheryl believes strongly in the idea that Life is Art/Art is Life and is most inspired by color, texture and composition in everyday surroundings. She finds heartfelt stability in her husband, Scott, two children, Meier and Stella, close-knit family and friends and Otto, her Great Dane. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and finds simple, abundant joy in the joy of others.

Why choose Paper Moxie for my invitation needs?

Simply put: we know you don’t have to. There are a lot of wonderful invitations and designers available in this world, but our clients are mostly looking for what they can’t find ~ custom designs that think outside the box, that inspire the imagination and stretch creativity with three-dimensional presentation, unusual shapes, custom prints and exquisite details. We use fine quality materials, maximize designs at any budget, and offer endless styling options without limits. Our customer service is priceless and goes beyond “just the usual” to the “highly personal”. Besides, it is people like you and events like yours that feed our inspiration!

How do I begin the process?

Just get in touch with us by using the Contact page associated with this website. We will respond using your contact information in order to gather more details about your event or announcement needs. If interested, we will arrange for a consultation either locally or by phone. Your inquiry assumes no obligation. If you do not feel comfortable sending information over the Internet then feel free to call us at the (360) 348-1490.

What comes next?

After establishing parameters for the project, an initial Deposit will be collected and a Contract signed by both parties. An Itinerary specific to the event will be provided. During the mock up phase, sample designs are presented to you that reflect the appropriate style and budget, followed by an editing phase which allows for fine-tuning the piece to perfection. Materials are purchased, text is proofed and production begins. Close contact is maintained with you the entire way through the process and any changes or additions are discussed thoroughly.

Do you require a Contract?

Yes. A specific version of the Contract is submitted to you at the point of agreement along with an Itinerary and Formal Estimate. A signed copy of the Contract is required along with the Deposit prior to the start of the design process.

Do you require a Deposit?

A 50% Deposit is required along with a signed Contract in order to formally reserve your production space and before continuing forward with any design development.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our approach is “equal opportunity” when it comes to orders ~ we will consider all orders regardless of their scope, quantity or budget. However, with fully custom designs, smaller quantities can create a higher price per piece for an equivalent design as the cost of design hours is not balanced over a large volume. If you have a small quantity requirement, we can make suggestions on how best to maximize your design and balance that effect on your budget.

How are your designs priced?

Each design is priced per set according to complexity, materials and printing technique desired. Our Core Designs are most affordable with others ranging into our Classic or more luxurious Couture pieces.

We begin with your budget and prepare examples the reflect the appropriate level of design, working carefully to maximize style and detail for the cost. Custom designing can be quite flexible, allowing you options to emphasize one detail and forego another in order to balance your styling and budget.

At the start of the project, you are provided a Formal Estimate based on your quantity and budget. While additional style options may be presented and offered, we do not go over this estimate unless you request and never without a conversation.

What is included in the price of each “set”?

Unlike many designers, we do not price our sets using an “a la carte” approach where you add-on each detail and card insert to “build” your design. We find that misleading and quite honestly, down right confusing.

Our pricing per set includes all the necessary elements appropriate for your event which is determined at the onset of your project. A set most typically includes: all associated design, mock up, materials and assembly as well as the Announcement, RSVP Card (2-sided), Direction Card (2-sided), RSVP Envelopes with return address, and Main Envelope or Presentation Packaging specific to the design. If a special insert is required, such as Rehearsal Dinner Invite Card or an extensive Guest Information Card, we can work that into the design upfront based on your budget.

What is NOT included in the price per set?

All local taxes, postage associated with the piece, shipping or delivery charges are not included in the price per set. Where applicable, RSVP postage is purchased on your behalf at-cost for the convenience of assembly and will be added as a line item to the final invoice.

Orders placed from outside Washington State are not taxable.

Do you offer additional conveniences or services I can add on?

We offer Custom Addressing, Custom Labeling, Custom Map Development, Professional Calligraphy, Mailing and Handling services on request. These conveniences are optional and priced separately.

Can I order coordinates or other stationery to match my invitations?

Coordinate packages are an affordable way to bring cohesive styling to your event from start to finish. Items such as Place Cards, Escort Cards, Table Numbers, Programs, Thank You Notes, or other stationery items are easily accommodated and are typically designed and produced closer to the date of your event. They are handled as separate project with their own timeline and invoice and pricing varies by complexity desired.

Do you have designs in stock?

Each of our designs is ultimately hand-created to order, start to finish. We do not stock any designs or use pre-made or mass produced bases (such as Envelopments) in our work. If a design requries a special fold, cut or pocket, it is engineered speceifically for that design. Regardless of the size, scope or complexity of design, each project travels the same process of development, material sourcing and hand assembly. The fact we do not pull stocked or standard elements to create your piece sets us apart in quality for an incomparable design.

If there is an existing design I like in the portfolio, can I simply make substitutions or do I need to start from scratch?

If there is a style you find in the portfolio that would suit you aside from moderate changes to color or effects, we can certainly begin there. Most of the designs on the website can be modified easily to match your event styling and there is a savings in design hours which is reflected in the price of the piece. If the requested changes make the design differ significantly from its origin, we will be happy to discuss custom design parameters with you in order to meet your needs.

How much time should I plan for the design of my invitations?

Timelines depend largely on complexity of design, design requirements and quantity. At the start of a project, an Itinerary will be provided that clearly shows all phases of design and production, deadlines for text and final mail dates and payments.

Wedding or large event invitations typically require 8-10 weeks to design and produce. We can accommodate a timeline of 6-8 weeks with more restrictive parameters added to the design phase. For Weddings or large events, anything less than 5 weeks is by calendar availability only and a 25% rush fee applies.

Social announcements require minimum 3 weeks for Core level designs, or greater depending on the nature and complexity of the piece.

When should I plan to mail my invitations or announcements?

We suggest planning to mail 8-10 weeks ahead of event date for weddings, and 4-5 weeks ahead of event date for social events.

How much should I expect to pay for postage?

Postage varies by design, but it is not unusual for our pieces to post at a higher-than normal rate of postage (beyond 42c or 59c) as the dimensional nature and quantity of embellishment can create a more weighty mailing. If cost of postage is a concern, we can design with that in mind to keep weight at a minimum.

Can I change my quantities?

We are happy to accommodate increases in quantities without issue up to the point of purchasing materials. Once materials are purchased and production begins, additional charges are added to cover materials which need to be purchased outside of the initial bulk material order or any rush fees for acquiring those materials.

Decreasing quantities prior to the purchase of materials is not a problem. If a decrease is necessary after production has started, you will assume all costs associated up to that point of development for the unnecessary quantity.

When is my final payment due?

Final payment is due upon completion of the project and preferably prior to mailing.

Can I cancel my order?

In the unfortunate event of a cancellation, we will be as reasonable and fair as the situation allows. In most cases, if the cancellation is prior to the start of the itinerary, we will refund the deposit minus a $75 paperwork fee. If the cancellation occurs after a design has been created or production started, the deposit is non-refundable and you are responsible for any material and labor expenses up to that development point not covered by initial deposit.