Lovely article in Style Me Pretty about a champing local couple we had the opportunity to introduce. Kathryn and Max wanted an intimate, comfortable, soulful event to share with their closest family and friends. The exquisite event design, by Lisa Chambers of  Chambers & Co., did not disappoint, while Jennifer Tai ‘s photography captured each delicate moment with stunning clarity  ~  gorgeous outdoor setting, lush and green, with flawless details and thoughtful elements that made the whole day a literal walk in the park.

The bride, Kathryn is from Washington, while max hails from Oregon.  What better way to Save the  Date than interlocking wood magnets of their states?  For the invite, we splurged on a laser cut design (see our Laser Show blog below and also featured in Seattle Bride Magazine) with wood grain paper and festive stripe details.  Playful and relaxed, the heartfelt event definitely suited Douglas the pup, who was key to the day! 56a7c3306ef0a$!x900 56a7c300ccaf0$!x900 56a7c30899316$!x900 56a7c300d0c89$!x900 56a7c3035672c$!x900 56a7c2fd9fe28$!x90056a7c308244ca$!x90056a7c305c74d6$!x90056a7c30a28a89$!x900

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AWESOME SURPRISE this morning!  Paper Moxie made  Borrowed & Blue‘s “Best of B&B 2016 Seattle” list!  Get out!  So great.  Thanks, Seattle!

(Ok, so truly…. I had no idea we were even nominated which makes it TRIPLE fun and FAR more meaningful when you don’t have to solicit anything and up you come for a nice award).  Now I just need them to update that insanely old invitation they have on file for me! :)

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Thanks, Seattle Bride, for featuring our laser cut invitations in your recent issue!  Gorgeous!

Unlike die cutting, laser allows for intricate, delicate, internal details.  If you are in the market for these lacy pieces, be aware that many online retailers (and custom studios..poo!) offer laser-like designs, that are actually stocked or stamped-out imposters (like a doily) to help keep cost reduced.   I get it, it’s trending and you want to jump on board for cheap, but don’t skimp….if you are looking for the “real deal”,  you will pay a bit more for originality and authenticity, and won’t end up with an invitation that looks like it’s stamped out from a 1984 bridal stationery catalog.   While laser may not be an option for the budget conscious,  those that dig deep will enjoy the process and possibilities.

Creating a laser compatible design is more complex.  You must work in the negative to make sure the shapes layer well together, are of workable area thickness, and don’t involve intersections that are unanchored and fall away.  Each piece is then cut individually on the machine. Production cost depends on the amount of time on the table, which is based on the overall size and intricacy.

Although laser can achieve insane details, it does not always offer a pristine result….you are, after all, literally burning the paper, so expect to find a slightly darkened edge and char on back side (flare), which, if you embrace the artistic process, is part of it’s character (and also a tell-tale sign that you are not buying a doily).  Flare can be reduced by using colored paper and also selecting a skilled facility that will carefully handle each one through production (again, you get what you pay for).

We created a few laser projects this season.  Our latest was in partnership with local shop expert LaserMach. Owner Matt Ligot is a whiz when it comes to logistics and I highly recommend his quality. We are looking forward to more projects with him this year.  Happy cutting!

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Forget all the fake metallic effects in paints and papers.  Gilding with metal leaf is the REAL DEAL that makes everything decadent.   In my studio art years, I used to muse over the impossibly thin, delicate sheets of gold that gave you the Midas Touch.  On surfaces, metal leaf is perfectly imperfect.  It finds interest and richness in being half-on-half-off, rubbed and worn, it’s uneven quality creating a warm, hand-applied appreciation, never garish. The effect is at once old world and impossibly modern, adding a distinct luxury to even the most common objects ~ make gorgeous golden wands from plain sticks,  tiny molten sculptures out of pinecones, recharge an old chair or make the most of a simple canvas.  The best part you don’t have to choose sides with your passion….it comes in a variety of golds and silvers, from bright to muted,  dusty platinum to rosey copper.  I’m smitten.

IMG_0236 large-wood-and-copper-leaf-wall-hanging_2Gild-Chair-2-350x250Mammamia-Chair-Copper-Leaf-350x350iimawashiD9GOLD-LEAF-CRAFT regency-7 gold leaf art ideas 1jpg hg144038 CI-Shannon-Kaye_Painted-rug-touch-up11.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.853

Thanks Seattle Met Bride & Groom for the gorgeous spread this month!  So proud to be included in your Sweet Harmony feature.  Lovely, rich full-page pictures drip with beautiful vintage ceramics, eclectic pattern,  rich+moody color, and gilded details.  Love how the dark, stormy shades of blue are perfectly paired with pale pink and gold for a distinctly sophisticated style; think “English Countryside Charm Meets Modern Lush.”

PAPER MOXIE created a watercolor floral invitation with delicate gold leafing across the upper edge.   Hand painted banners detail the response card and pale blush envelope, while the main envelope is lined with a dark, painterly ironwork pattern.  The whole suite is tied with a hand-dyed ombre cotton ribbon from Of the Earth of Seattle.  On the table is a matching menu, place card and oversized gilded table number.  Best of all, of course, is CAKE!  Hats off to Lake Union Cafe Custom Bakery (LUC) for their DELICIOUS design to suit my stationery.  Check out the other talented artisans who crafted the other florals and sweets throughout the pages. title page
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Friends of Trends, make way! Those spinners of color premonition at Pantone have spoken and declared both ROSE QUARTZ + SERENITY BLUE as the new “It” shades of 2016!

Sweetly seductive and cooly sublime, the hues work well together, or individually, to redefine freshness on all fronts and applications. The quiet mid-tones happily blend, blurring together towards center to create an infinite selection of lavender and rosey options. Inspired by the gentle softness of a truly classic pastel palette, they ooze with the nostalgic charm of the 80’s, while at the same time satisfy the desire for tranquility and peace that we crave in our current times.

But don’t mistake their pale persona for fragile frivolity! This subtly dynamic duo packs a punch. If color can be laden with politics, no doubt the traditional baby blue and pink were an intentional selection in support of the recent movement toward gender-bias breakdown. The motivation has merit, but lends the question posed by critics: does their message promote neutrality or simply reinforce the exact stereotypes they are trying to dissolve?

Om or EW.  “Miami Nice” or Not?  It leaves it to the consumer to decide.  Whatever your incentive, the reasons to ponder this pretty palette are endless, proving to trend followers that yes indeed, two are better than one!

Miami Nice

The artistic sculptures and volumes of bright blown glass made a dramatic backdrop of shape and color for Amy+Bob’s reception at Seattle’s Chihuly Garden and Glass, while the beautiful October day, blessed with rare fall sunshine and blue sky, made it all the more glowing.  Planned and produced down to the last detail by Lisa Chambers of the reputable Chambers & Co., the event was elegant and exquisitely polished to reflect the exceptional style of the couple and stunning visual quality of the venue.  The impeccable, creative photography of Joe+Jill captured the event in all of it’s brilliance.  

As an introduction, Paper Moxie crafted an invitation to blend traditional details with contemporary elements. We loved how their vivid, saturated palette showed strong against the pure white ground and minimalist embellishment.  A letterpress announcement, resting beneath a sheer monogram, was encased in a bright blue fold with crisp orange satin ribbon closure. The metallic citrus lined envelopes and calligraphy styled cursive fonts added extra flair.  As fun, interactive elements, the couple included a crossword puzzle on the reverse of their Save the Date that quizzed guests with bits of “get to know us” trivia,  and provided puzzle pieces to sign instead of the usual guest book at the wedding.

Gorgeous and glowing, there could not have been a more perfect reflection for a beautiful couple.

Amy_Bob_Wedding_532 Amy_Bob_Wedding_006 Amy_Bob_Wedding_449 Amy_Bob_Wedding_680Amy_Bob_Wedding_005
Amy_Bob_Wedding_471 Amy_Bob_Wedding_688

Chrissy Wai-Ching of Seattle is a true inspiration.  I am so taken with her work I can barely stop feeding myself through the web images.  Her style embodies elegant, yet inspired, couture design.  While this may seem far from paper or invitations, what I admire is her approach and the freedom she takes with her medium, molding and pushing it to a new boundary. Wai-Ching goes beyond the usual to form fabric into art for the wearer, like paint and canvas to a painter.   Ecclectic, off beat, with a flair for rich textures, her meandering stitches, layers, and torn edges create a spectacular surface.  Her designs can be full with colorful shape and volume or ethereal and light with subtle dip-dyed color and draping silk.  If I could choose to find my own wedding dress again, this would be it.   


wearable-art-wedding-dresses-from-wai-ching-made-in-seattle-for-offbeat-brides-worldwide-82-int dresses dde7e5b999a35736e0e2b50895167b94 6b46628339305afdb54462bd8be12b83waichingdress


Red carpet entrance. Names cast in light  across a steely exterior.  A step & repeat backdrop to capture guest photos. Mirrored glass reflections and stages set with a glowing light show. These are details you would expect from the highest of Hollywood ceremonies, yet belong to none other than the most unusual and unforgettable wedding at Seattle’s own Experience Music Project:  Ian+Obie. Known for their highly anticipated parties, the couple did not disappoint by forgoing calm nuptial tradition for an unforgettable evening of pure dramatic fun and celebration that matched their personalities.

Crafted, designed and produced by the very talented Lisa Chambers of Chambers & Co, Ian and Obie’s wedding was nothing near traditional, and nothing short of spectacular.  While guests drank and ate amid cut glass globes and dramatic lighting, the couple exchanged vows onstage to a room of applause. The before and after party was pure sensation, with champagne poured from acrobats as they hung from the ceiling, cake served by Lady Gaga (was she the real deal?), and glittering details in shocking white and rich reflective shades of everchanging orchid.

Paper Moxie created a suite of goods to fit the dramatic introduction:  the Save the Date was enveloped in a custom print wrap to replicate the outer steel skin of the venue, graphic and structural, while a border of  mylar produced a touch of mirrored shine.

The invite, inspired by vinyl records and modern industrial materials, was a high gloss black lucite panel wrapped in shimmering plum metallic paper and presented in a black lacquer box. Custom cut round monogram chargers and graphic menu programs greeted each guest at the table, while the reflective silver escorts were self standing on a surface of disco glass.  Multiple lighting gobos and step & repeat photo backdrop completed the look.

Photography for the evening was gorgeously captured by Jennifer Tai of Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry. Her candid work captured both the warmth and celebration of the couple, and the cool dramatic nuance of the evening.


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