Friends of Trends, make way! Those spinners of color premonition at Pantone have spoken and declared both ROSE QUARTZ + SERENITY BLUE as the new “It” shades of 2016!

Sweetly seductive and cooly sublime, the hues work well together, or individually, to redefine freshness on all fronts and applications. The quiet mid-tones happily blend, blurring together towards center to create an infinite selection of lavender and rosey options. Inspired by the gentle softness of a truly classic pastel palette, they ooze with the nostalgic charm of the 80’s, while at the same time satisfy the desire for tranquility and peace that we crave in our current times.

But don’t mistake their pale persona for fragile frivolity! This subtly dynamic duo packs a punch. If color can be laden with politics, no doubt the traditional baby blue and pink were an intentional selection in support of the recent movement toward gender-bias breakdown. The motivation has merit, but lends the question posed by critics: does their message promote neutrality or simply reinforce the exact stereotypes they are trying to dissolve?

Om or EW.  “Miami Nice” or Not?  It leaves it to the consumer to decide.  Whatever your incentive, the reasons to ponder this pretty palette are endless, proving to trend followers that yes indeed, two are better than one!

Miami Nice