Wedding One

Introduce and reflect your union of distinct personality and style with custom wedding announcements from Paper Moxie. Whether you prefer the timeless beauty of classic elegance, the edge of urban industrial, or the appeal of organic, let us create a statement of presence and quality to be enjoyed and remembered by all of your guests. Our wedding designs emphasize exceptional materials, privately sourced embellishments, and handcrafted details such as engraved wood, the shine of Lucite or a sewn edge to set our announcements apart from the usual. We offer full service suites from Save the Dates to day-of elements such as menus, table decor, coordinated goods and beyond to create cohesive styling start to finish for your special event. Standard, specialty, letterpress and engraved print options available. Full service addressing and mailing on request.

  • 3-D Experience (Save the Date)
    3-D Experience (Save the Date)
  • Jennifer & Cullen
    Jennifer & Cullen
  • Joey & Mitch
    Joey & Mitch
  • Exquisite Introduction
    Exquisite Introduction
  • Quiet Elegance
    Quiet Elegance
  • Artistic Rendition
    Artistic Rendition
  • Game of Love (Save the Date)
    Game of Love (Save the Date)
  • Seattle Skyline (Laser-Cut)
    Seattle Skyline (Laser-Cut)
  • World Travelers
    World Travelers
  • 80’s Revival (Experience Music Project)
    80’s Revival (Experience Music Project)
  • New Zealand Natural
    New Zealand Natural
  • Industrial Chic
    Industrial Chic
  • Mid-Century Modern (Save the Date)
    Mid-Century Modern (Save the Date)
  • Take Me Out (Save the Date)
    Take Me Out (Save the Date)
  • Take Me Out (Save the Date)
    Take Me Out (Save the Date)
  • Whimsical Nouveau
    Whimsical Nouveau
  • Urban Organic
    Urban Organic
  • Tying the Knot (Save the Date)
    Tying the Knot (Save the Date)